Skyfly Networks provides network service and solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Effective companies often require competent networks in orde r to support their daily operations and provide top-tier service to clients. Since our company’s creation, Skyfly has become one of the fastest growing distributors of telecommunication products in the United States. Skyfly was founded in 2010 in Des Plaines, Illinois and quickly secured a distributor agreement with UTT Technologies, based in Shanghai, China. UTT Technologies was founded in 2000 and is a major network solutions provider for small- and medium-sized companies in China and across the globe. Today, we are proud to provide free basic technical support for all UTT products. Our current, expansive product line features managed Layer 2 switches and managed Layer 3 10 gig switches, home and business wireless routers, and high quality Ethernet routers. A full list of our services and products can be located on our website, Find us at or [email protected], or 1 (312) 429-4580